Taipei International cycle show 2015


Jason Chen, the founder of the brands BorYueh and Branc is one of the pioneers of the bicycle industry in Taiwan.

In the year 1980 he started his own business with his passion for nature and sport, it was obvious to create and produceproducts for the sport and leisure market.

With his first brand BorYueh, he developed and produced bicycle carriers, bottle cages, kickstands and unicycles for the worldmarket. In 2004, his children Tony Chen and Emily Chen joined the fathers company.

With the subbrand , a new line of bicycle carriers was launched in 2010.  stands for fresh design and clever engineering, a new chapter in the history of a family business.

City ride Tour ride City light City comp Tour comp Track ride Track light Track comp Kid ride Simple city fixed stay Lorry ride Literide fixed stay Literide adjustable stay Raceride fixed stay Raceride adjustable stay Basic fixed stay Basic adjustable stay Tour fixed stay Tour adjustable stay Rack adjustable stay Traveler adjustable stay Hopper fixed stay 345 Transride fixed stay Trandride adjustable stay Simple city adjustable stay